“Our Day Has Come” - Marriage Bill 2015 passes


On October 22nd 2015, Senator Zappone spoke on the final passing of the Marriage Bill 2015 through the Seanad.  It was a historic day of great celebration and joy as the long journey towards Marriage Equality finally reached its end.  Read the Senator's speech below or watch the video.

"It is a great privilege to follow Senator Norris in offering some final reflections on the historic passing of this Bill today. I was going to start my contribution by saying that it is a happy day, which is what Senator Norris said. When I woke up this morning, Ann Louise asked me how I was feeling and I said it was a happy day. I thank the Minister for her leadership and all the beautiful people in the Gallery. They have been our equality champions and advocates for so long. I thank the people who are watching us and our colleagues from the Dáil, so many of whom have joined us for this special historic moment.  It is just wonderful to have them here — I mean that — as we do our job as law-makers, which is implementing the will of the people. There is a season and time for every activity under the heavens. There is a time to embrace. This is our time to embrace. This is our time to embrace each other. This is our time to embrace our children. This is our time to embrace our allies. This is our time to embrace our opponents. This is our time. Our day has come."

Marriage Equality
Marriage Equality
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